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5 Août 2020 , Rédigé par Marx Brou Publié dans #Encouragement, #Exhortation, #Message



Psaumes 19.14 / 1 Thessaloniciens 5.17



97        Eh bien, souvent c’est ce que nous faisons dans le domaine spirituel. Vous voyez, chaque jour nous devons communier avec Christ. Nous devons Lui parler chaque jour. Nous devons tout mettre en ordre avec Lui chaque jour. Paul a dit : “Je meurs chaque jour.” Voyez? “Chaque jour, je meurs; et si je vis, ce n’est plus moi qui vis, c’est Christ qui vit en moi.” Alors, si votre corps physique a besoin de nourriture chaque jour et de boisson chaque jour, pour survivre, votre corps spirituel a besoin de Nourriture spirituelle et de communion avec le Seigneur chaque jour, pour survivre. Oui. Jésus a dit : “L’homme ne vivra pas de pain seulement, mais de toute Parole qui sort de la bouche de Dieu.” Donc, chaque jour nous devons étudier la Bible. Certaines personnes ne L’étudient pas du tout. Certaines La prennent deux ou trois fois par année. Mais un croyant, un vrai de vrai, qui est vraiment affermi spirituellement, il lit sa Bible chaque jour, et il parle au Seigneur. C’est vrai. Pour lui, c’est indispensable. “L’homme ne vivra pas de pain seulement, mais de toute Parole qui sort de la bouche de Dieu.”

Qu’est-ce que la prière ?

  • La prière c’est quand l’on parle à Dieu.

Et nous ne pouvons pas correctement comprendre les écritures sans la prière, et nous ne pouvons pas savoir comment prier sans étudier les écritures.

En d’autre la prière et la méditation sont importantes dans la vie du croyant.

  • Et la méditation c’est lorsqu’on écoute Dieu ou c’est lorsque Dieu nous parle.

Et de plus Dieu a plusieurs moyens pour nous parler. Soit c’est par :

  • La lecture de la Parole de Dieu
  • L’écoute de prédications (bande audio, bande vidéo)
  • La lecture et/ou l’écoute des témoignages etc…

En d’autre nous devons connaitre le ou les moyen(s) que Dieu utilise(nt) pour nous parler.


Pourquoi devons-nous prier ?

Nous devons savoir que la prière faite à Dieu débouche sur trois (3) ouvertures

  • Si Dieu répond à notre prière, Il élève notre foi
  • Si Dieu tarde, Il accroît notre patience
  • Si Dieu ne répond pas, Il a quelque chose de meilleur pour nous

Dans tous les cas nous sommes gagnants, par conséquent nous devons toujours prier.

Pourquoi prier ?

  • La prière nous amène vers Dieu.


  E-17    Now, see what prayer does? Prayer is not exactly bringing God down to man. It's bringing man up to God. See? As you pray, you lose--you lose sight of these earthly things. You sway out into somewhere else, way beyond, and on and on and on, till you be come into His Presence. And then a--a faith that you have laid it out before God, said, "Now here, God, here it is. And I--I want to get well for, this cause." Or, "I want You to do this for me, for this cause. I want You to heal me from--from--from this cancer, or this TB or--or this anemia condition," or whatever it is. "I will walk before You, I will--I will do everything I can. I will give this testimony everywhere I go. I will be happy to do that, Lord. And I will use my life, not for myself. I will--I will use it for Your glory, to help others to see You."

  • Dieu a mis tout le future dans la prière car il n’y a pas plus grand que la prière.


  E-4    You know, the best armor that America has in this present crisis is God fearing, praying people. That's the best. It's worth more then all the bombs and tanks that we could produce. God will always fight for His people. Let us...

If this whole nation with one accord would throw themselves to God in sackcloth and ashes of repentance, and come back to the old fashion pathways that our forefathers trod, there couldn't be a bit of harm come to us. I believe it'd be worth more then all the ammunition plants and things that we could make (That's right.), and all the bombs that we could have. There's nothing as great as prayer. God holds all the future in His hands.

Someone asked me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, what do you think about the future?"

I said, "I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." So that's the thing, if I can keep acquainted with Him.

*  Acquainted (être en relation avec / connaitre)

  • La prière est la respiration du croyant

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. (Etre un Chrétien sans la prière cela n’est plus possible que de vivre sans respire) « John Wesley »

  • La prière nous protège de la tentation

Matthieu 26.41 / Marc14.38


  196    You children know what tar is, when they're fixing the streets, you know, Oooh, that awful smell. But it--it--it--it keeps the... It--it shuts out all the cracks on the street. And that's the way this does; it shuts out all water.

And that's what prayer does for the believer. That's what you, keeps the world out of you, is when you pitch yourself on your knees, and say, "Lord Jesus." And the Blood comes down and seals you all up so the devil can't get you. See, that's right. See? So then, oh, many times the people go around and say "it's awful," but that don't make any difference; it keeps you safe. See? That's the main thing: keep safe. Say you're old fashion, but, that doesn't matter; it keeps you safe.

  • La prière chasse les démons

Matthieu 17.21

  • La prière nous guérit

Jacques 5.16

  • La prière de la foi nous donne tout

Matthieu 21.22

  • La prière nous permet d’atteindre les profondeurs de l’Amour de Dieu


 1106-Q-350    350. How can a Christian get deeper in the love of God?

Read the Word and pray. Read the Word of God and pray. I'm going to hurry, just get as many as I can.


  265      Now what did they do? They didn't know it. Today men walk ignorantly. They don't know that's the Truth. They think it's some kind of a ism. They don't dig down deep enough to get into the Spirit of revelation. They don't pray enough. They don't call upon God enough.

  • La prière change les choses

2 Rois 20.15 (Le Roi Ezéchias)


  E-5    We're just looking forward for a great time in the Lord, and with your prayers I'm sure that we'll do the best we can for the glory of God. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes death to life. Prayer changes sickness to health, changes sinners to saints. It's prayer. You may laugh too much. You may shout too much. You may eat too much, but you'll never pray too much. The--the Bible said, "I would that man pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands." So you'll never be able to pray too much.

Now, I was noticing here Brother Osborn's book, the Evangelist T. L. Osborn. He is another bosom friend of mine along with Brother Roberts and many of the other outstanding ministers of the day. I've had privilege of meeting many of them.


  E-63    Now, if that old blind woman could be led to that spot without natural eyes, to see that fountain filled with blood, how much more art He be able to lead you tonight that's got good sight to the cross, to see with your spiritual eyes. Don't look for the applaud of the world; you won't have it. But be willing to sacrifice your prestige. Everything that you are, sacrifice it to the Kingdom of God. Sacrifice your time for prayer. Sacrifice your life. Sacrifice your card game. Sacrifice all the things of the world; give it over to the devil. Let him have it; it belongs to him. You walk with Christ.


  84    But little boys and girls, does God hear prayer? Say, "He hears prayer." Does God answer prayer? Yes. Does He answer real quick? Not all the time, does He? No. Sometimes He makes us wait. Is that right? But God answers prayer. Doesn't He? And just because everything's going wrong, that's no sign we should quit praying. We just pray on anyhow. Don't we? That's right. Now, you answered right. God answers prayer. Let's all say it together. [Brother Branham and congregation say, "God answers prayer."--Ed.] Yes. No matter what the circumstances are, He answers, anyhow. All right.

  • Dieu écoute toujours une âme désespérée

DESPERATIONS_  JEFF.IN  V-4 N-1  SUNDAY_  63-0901E (poussez a bout)

125    If you've made a mistake, some woman made a mistake, some man made a mistake, some boy or girl made a mistake; don't sink. Scream out, in despair, "Lord, save me, or I'll perish!" Get desperate about it. God will hear you. He always hears a desperate soul. That's what I'm trying to tell you about.


  67      I believe that the reason we don't have desperation is because it's a lack of love, God, the love of God. I think that the love of God causes desperation. If God is in you, the Token inside of you, and you see the conditions of times, and people wading in sin the way they are, it'll throw you into desperation. I believe it will.


  155      Let us pray. In desperation watch for the Kingdom of God, It'll come upon you.


  45      Now we're going to talk on--on Desperations for a few minutes now. Usually, it takes a state of emergency, to throw us into desperation. See? It's too bad it has to do that, but human beings are so slothful in their mind, that it takes an emergency. Something arises, and when they do, then it--it throws them into that desperation. And really, in doing that in desperation, it brings out that real thing that you are. It shows what you're made out of, in the time of desperation. It usually pulls out all the good things that's in you.

  • La prière est notre seul espoir


  8    Then I think then maybe go to Africa from there. So if the Lord continues to lead that way, or Switzerland first, then Palestine and Africa, on the conventions. So be in prayer. Whatever you do, just look up today and pray, pray. That's all, that's the only hope that we have is prayer.



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